Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More Warmth from the Bitterroot

Is it Spring here in Western Montana? I'd say so! In my favorite UM car I cruised South in the sunshine for another appointment today. It was 72 degrees! The sun was hot, and I even had the AC on. I am not used to being so warm! Should not have worn black today. The fields are busting with cows and birds. Every crop field, though void of people as I drove by, still felt alive. People have been working. There's new energy down South and it means things are waking up and getting ready. My visit was just as warm and I ended up spending an hour and a half talking to one of my homeowners. We talked recipes, and birthday parties and Ferris wheels. All over the map was our conversation! I got back in my car when we were through, and I could not believe the time! Quickly heading North I beat the sunset into Missoula. I gave myself the option of leaving the car and taking my bike home, and enjoyed pedalling the streets. It was rapidly turning dark but the songbirds where still singing their little heads off. Definitely Spring! Nice and warm, glove-less, in only a light jacket I cruised through neighborhoods smiling. The brewery near-by smelled like the fair tonight---like fry bread or something. It reminded me once more of Ferris wheels and Summer. Coming home, I crafted and scrapbooked for awhile to release some creativity that had bottled itself up. Now sleepy, I will soon drift off to bed. Tomorrow is St. Patrick's day of course (and I'll be wearing green) but it is also my beloved and mine's 1 year anniversary. I am excited! He seems as excited as I and I look forward to surprising him with hand-made tokens, and going out to dinner. It will be a warm and fuzzy kind of day. :) Till then, I bid you goodnight!

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  1. I am getting cabin fever and can't wait to be on the road again. Good to see you today. Glad it turned out to be every bit as wonderful as you deserve. Hope the evening went well too! LYS


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