Monday, March 15, 2010

A Good Book on a Noisy Night

My house is paper thin some nights. I can hear voices all over the neighborhood. I silently urge them to keep quiet with my mind, and hope somehow they hear. Though it is late, I am pushing away the urge to sleep with a new book. I am completely enchanted and page after ivory page I can't stop. Well, until this moment, where I rested at chapter 12 to check my fellow bloggers recent activity. :) I will return to this tale shortly, and continue to follow its ever-more wicked plot. How I love to be spooked by shear words and my over-active imagination. Delightful!

This specific piece of literature has me yearning for summer too. Warmer temps, full moons on stormy nights, growing things, exploring the remote corners of what's comfortable. The warmer it gets, however, the louder my neighborhood grows! Folks with their tinkling glasses of wine next door chatter all hours of the night, while their children run and scream early in the morning sun. Beer connoisseurs nearby talk blandly, and low, inaudible and irritating. Dogs, lonesome and outdoors, whine for their owners all afternoon long. Oh well! Such are the sounds of my residential corner of the city. And it could be worse. It does, though, make me look forward to time at the lake cabin, or in the wilderness tent-bound. A Montana summer is as much about solitude as it is about mingling, warm-spirited, among the town. I look forward to both...

...And also to the next chapter of my book. To warm covers I go, bathed in dim lamp light, comfortable and eager for more of this delectable and addicting story. :)

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  1. Oh what a wonderful picture you paint! That is your neighborhood in a nutshell. But I love it and wish mine were like yours. And I bet I know the book of which you speak. Isn't it great! You will love it and be equally haunted forever! Whoooohahahaha! Great blog my dear. LYS.


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