Saturday, March 6, 2010

Reunions are Devine

I had just finished dinner when I got two calls from two great friends. I hurried to assemble my messy hair and purse and bolted out the door. They were waiting for me at the coffee shop across the river. I had not seen either of them since I left for Peru this last summer. I had many stories to tell.
The walk was wonderful. The weather has been warm and has brought out the town to walk the streets and riverside. The river, which through the winter turned black and floated mini icebergs is now dark green again, and is floating kayakers. Bright as pieces of candy they bob in the current in front of an eager Spring crowd. Wee ones dapple the beach nearby and dare to put a hand in the frigid water. We are all hopeful for the warmth that's coming. Missoula is waking up. There are smiles abounding, people breathing deeply and looking at the very clear sky, void of snow. Sandal-ed feet pass me on the bridge. Downtown is starting to feel normal again. The smell of head shop rolls out and down the streets. A soft carpet for the hippies. Colorful folks are now again everywhere, speaking loudly, with their grand gestures and fashion sense. I could not help but smile. One more block and I was there. Two excited blonds waved frantically from the window. My brunette self found a seat in between them and sipped coffee over story after story. I presented Peruvian souvenirs and they gave me all their latest glories and gossip. I had missed these two very much. One visits often from her new home a few towns over, and the other one is planning a big move to Canada. Sometimes I forget how wonderful friends like these are--until I turn back to head home and realize I won't see them for who knows how long. The miles are getting longer between us, and it makes me terribly sad. Thank goodness for email and cell phones! It is ever-important to keep this type of sunshine in one's life. I feel so very warm. :)


  1. Great post! I could follow you the whole way with your wonderful description. So glad you had such a lovely evening. LYS.

  2. Yay for sunshine and sunny attitudes! I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend!

  3. I love the new picts you have added. Especially the one from Cape Foulweather! LYS


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