Friday, March 12, 2010

On The Road Again...

Today joined me and the highway once more. Happily seated in my car, I headed South among the fields. With a warm 60 degree sun shining, the trip started nicely, but wind gusts sprung up stronger than ever before this year. My poor car danced all over the lane as gusts came one after the other. With stiff hands on the wheel I made my way to an easy appointment an hour away. Drivers were minding the road for once, and wildlife was abounding. More baby cows spotted the fields. They looked more like boulders out there. Each mom cow, in dark brown, or white spots, would have a similar brown or spotted boulder curled up beside them. The population is continually growing. The sheep are poofy out in their flocks and a stately hawk soared over my car. As I zipped down the Eastside Highway, away from the slow-movers I got a glimpse of a sacred symbol of Spring---a robin! The first one I've seen yet! The farmland I passed is slowly being brought to life for planting. Slash is being burned too, with little blue lines of smoke lifting from both sides of the road. The glint of fire out of the corner of your eye is a bit distracting. It smells devine though. My appointment was quick as I bid adieu to another family from the study. Adios! As I pulled out of the drive, 3 curious cows kept their cautious stares trained on me. I took a photo, waved (looking a bit idiotic) and headed back home. Oh how I wish that drive could have been a 100 miles longer! It felt so nice to be back on the pavement. Me, my music, my car, and no GPS! Just my memory and a vague idea of when I'd get there. :) What a great end to the week!


  1. Sounds heavenly! I just love getting in the car and heading out. Especially when you live where we live. Every turn is a beauty. I am hoping to head out in two weeks time on Spring Break!

  2. I loved the sight of a robin when I lived in Montana. My first thought was "Spring!" Since moving to the AL gulf coast, I see them from late December-mid March. This is their winter home. So when I stop seeing them, I realize it is spring. I enjoy the gulf coast in winter & spring. (There's always something green & growing), but I miss Montana (especially the mountains). Thanks to you & Kit I feel like I'm there again.
    Have a great weekend!


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