Monday, March 1, 2010

Sun Shine on my Shoulders!

An enchanting weekend was had by me. The sun shined most of each day, and bathed my kitchen and cats in warmth. I can't tell you how long I spent reading a new book in a sunbeam with my cat sprawled out on the table in front of me on Sunday. So many people out and about that day. Bikes by the dozens rode by, kids in strollers and lots of walkers. I watched them from my warm window seat. The weekend started slowly but rolled into a happy Spring-like few days of relaxation and productivity. I had enough time to hang out with some of my favorite faces, and also enough alone time to clean the house and spruce things up. Opened windows and breathed in the smell of things starting to grow again. I realized I drove about 700 miles the week before for work. It was a lot of stress on the ol' eyeballs, watching for deer through snow storms and headlights, but went well. My destination last week was to Seeley Lake and with a full moon rounding itself out it was beautiful! Mostly clear skies made for a velvet backdrop for those twinkling stars. Driving past the open fields and frozen waters was like passing a perfect, glowing postcard---for 30 miles straight. I smiled and tuned my radio to the 40s station. I let the rat pack croon as I watched the road and enjoyed the skies. My body and eyes have now rested, and I hit the road once more heading South this week. It will be a delightful 60 degrees today and I can't wait to pass the baby cows and melting fields. Time to roll the windows down and take it all in! It's my last major week of travel and it's bittersweet down the Bitterroot. I will miss my daily road trips, but it will be nice to have time in the laboratory again---and get off at a decent time in the evenings! Well, now that it's March, I need to finish putting up my St. Patrick's Day window stickies on my lab window. Gotta keep things festive. Off I run!

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  1. What a great pict of my Grand-Kitty! She looks very comfortable to be sure. Enjoy all this sunshine, who knows what Mother Nature has in store for us this month. Let's wish for no more snow! LYS.


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