Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Friday Night Eggstravaganza!

So yesterday evening found me boiling eggs and preparing our work area for some good old fashioned egg dying! I only bought 6 eggs this time to dye, because we don't eat very many anymore. I bought the "Glitter" kit this year, so after we got creative with the colors, we dipped the eggs in liquid gelatin and then covered them in glitter!

I had a carton of 11 eggs in the fridge, that were bought for a purpose, but never got used fast enough. I hate throwing out eggs! At least this batch got colorfully dyed beforehand!

My sister and I had a wonderful time, acting like kids, goofing off, and making fun eggs. It reminded me of childhood, dying eggs with my Dad while my Mom laughed and video recorded the fun. Me, always dropping the eggs in the cups too hard. Crack! Whoops!

What kind of traditions do you guys have for Easter?


  1. Let's see, our traditions are: having a colorful egg tree outside, a huge bowl of colorful eggs or bunnies on the dinner table, my favorite bunnies scattered all over the house, baskets for my girls, egg hunts for the whole family, sunrise service with my girl and a big turkey dinner!

  2. Your eggs are SO PRETTY! I especially love the glittered ones! We always have a little egg hunt for the kids in the morning, but this year we have a VERY sneaky kitten in the house, so I'm afraid some of those eggs may be found by the kitten before the kids find them! lol


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