Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday!

It might be a little inappropriate, but every time I hear "Good Friday" I think of the song from Singin' in the Rain: "Good Morning," and thus begins the creation of new lyrics, Christ related, to that tune. Makes me laugh every time. It has been a good Friday for me so far. I left little Easter candy goodies for my coworkers on their desks last night so they'd be surprised this morning. They were all quite pleased! The sun is now beaming through my newly-bloomed pink tulips, and my belly is full of warm coffee. I look forward to a lunchtime chat-fest with my Mother here soon, and a trip to Jo-Ann fabrics. I love that store! I need new fabric and that place makes me feel so creative. Tonight you can find me dying Easter eggs with my sister---just like when we were little. It should be a lighthearted, fun night. I feel warm and fuzzy today, and excited at the prospect of a much-needed weekend. Easter Sunday is always a joy with the family, and tomorrow I will use to carry out all of my remaining chores and hopefully get the boyfriend to work on some honey-dos. If only the weather holds out! I'm inspired by the sun! Though the forecast calls for rain. Hopefully they won't call too loudly, and maybe the clouds won't gather here. :) Everyone enjoy their Good Friday!


  1. Thank you for visiting my blog today and for your sweet comment! Your photography on your blog is beautiful! Happy Easter! =)

  2. Fun looking thru all the great fabrics. I forgot how much fun it is to browse and imagine all the projects we could do. I can't wait to start the skirt (in about 5 minutes) Maybe I will have it done for you to see on Sunday. LYS.


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