Monday, April 19, 2010

A Small Taste of Summer

My cat and I are gazing out the kitchen window once more. The sky is still clear, and the sun has wrapped around our street and is now peaking through the western most windows on its way to the horizon. I spent a decent amount of time at this table today and noticed so many pleased faces as they walked by outside, drinking in the sunshine. It got up to 71 degrees at my house, and it felt amazing. My windows and doors were flung open wide! My sprinkler guy came today to turn our underground system back on and after he left, a thin layer of water sparkled on the grass. I went outside and it smelled like rain. Felt good on the toes too! Heavenly! The birds are singing, and the city is alive. It may only last a few days this week, but this gorgeous weather (and the happiness it brings) is warmly welcomed. I took a few moments an hour ago to sit on my bench in the front yard. The plants surrounding me are about to pop with their little buds. I cross-stitched for a good while, just soaking in the goodness of it all. I was able to work a bit today too. First time back to the lab in the last two weeks. I am not out of the woods just yet with my teeth, and I have a lot of healing left, but I am ready to be productive again. I can finally concentrate and get things done. It felt good to be back. I'll just have to take it easy. Thankfully, my coworkers and (most importantly) my employer, have been very understanding. Thank goodness! Well, my sister just left me the house to myself for a spell, so I think I'll pick up the cross-stitch once more, find a cozy spot, and get to work. I hope tomorrow is just as nice!


  1. It sounds like such a lovely break outside for you! Take it easy and slow and soon you will your old perky lively self. Isn't it amazing? Everything is turning green sooo fast. I am loving it! I drive around town and just drink it all in. Spring!

  2. You describe here such perfect moments, with 71 degrees and the all important cat to share the time with. I read your earlier post and hope you heal beautifully and quickly.
    Hey, neat photo of the handsome longhorn cow on the right of your blog.


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