Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fun Days with Fun People!

What a decadent few days! The fun started on Thursday actually, when my mom and I dressed up for an evening out. We, both in our sparkly jewels and fancy clothes, headed for dessert first and enjoyed good conversation over delicious chocolate cake and ice-cream. Afterward? Off to see Sex & The City 2! In the back row, with our San Pellegrino bottles (Mom snuck them in, in her purse), we were two of only a handful of folks in the theater. The lights dimmed, and the movie started. I loved it! I don't know what all those critics are upset about! It was exactly what I expected and I thoroughly enjoyed the romp. Pleased as punch we discussed it on the way home before parting ways. What a fun evening!

The next round of fun came yesterday. My best friend (who I call Bunny) had a Birthday in April. Well, because of all my tooth problems, etc., we were unable to go celebrate. So, now that I'm healed, we decided to finally go out on June 12th! Just a few months late... I started the day by borrowing my Dad's car (I still don't have one!) and grabbing smoothies. I drove to her house and played chauffeur. We went downtown and headed to the Farmer's Market together. It was a gorgeous morning! A little chilly in the shade, but the sunshine was glorious! After wandering for an hour, we bought mini donuts from a donut-mobile and sat in the sun. Next up? Side-by-side pedicure appointments at 1pm! We headed to one of my favorite spas and enjoyed 45 amazing minutes in Foot Heaven. And now we each have lovely purple toes. :) Our happy feet took us shopping next, and then on to lunch where I gave her her gift. (Her new last name starts with an "I" and it's very difficult to find monogram "I" jewelry. I was so excited to find one, finally, made out of a 1930s "I" typewriter key. She loved it!) We ate well and shared stories and had a great time. Another amazing day!

Up next? A garden tour today with my Mom! We bought tickets to go see various private gardens in town. I'm so curious what they'll look like! (I know that none of them will hold a candle to my Moms though!) The sun is shining with not a cloud in the sky. It's already 60 degrees and a perfect day for wandering amid flowers! I have my camera ready and my allergies under control. LOL. Should be great! I'll post photos later!


  1. Love those pretty toes!...LOL Glad you had fun with all your events. I did too! We'll have to plan to go to Sex in the City 3, The Golden Years!.....LOL LYS

  2. You and your mom are my kind of gals!!! Sounds like a blissful weekend. Thanks for sharing it. Oh, and your toes look so pretty. Love those sandals!!!


  3. You are so thoughtful, thank you for an awesome birthday weekend!! I love my "I" necklace (even wearing it right now)!!! I heart you bunches!


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