Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Garden Therapy!

Well most of you out there know the joy of putting your hands to dirt and making things grow. I enjoyed such an experience yesterday. The sun was shining, the day was beautiful, I'd just spent a wonderful time picking out flowers with my Mom, and I was home and ready to plant. I set out my three pots, and my three half-empty bags of potting soil that had been rolling around the garage. My boxes of flowers stood right and ready. I thought I had enough soil for the entire job, and started filling pots up about halfway. Well, turns out I had enough for one and a half pots. Dang! I potted up my smallest with purple Million Bells and a yellow Dahlia and then I was stuck. Solution? Call Mom! "Please bring me soil??" Which she did! A new bag of soil and I was back to work.

I finished my other two pots with Zinnias, more Million Bells, Potato Vine, Marigolds, and a big Geranium. It felt so good! I put their pots in their new home by my front step and admired them. I spent the rest of the eve mowing and weeding the other garden beds. Nothing like dirty fingernails from a job well done! It felt good to wash the dirt off my hands, shake the leaves off my shirt, and fish all the flower pieces out of my hair. (How they got there, I'm still not certain.) And today, with its rain clouds and grey sky, my flowers are out there, bright as ever, shining with their pretty faces for all to see! They're definitely making me happy! :) I hope the neighborhood is similarly pleased. Next on the warm-weather agenda? Finding a Mr. Lincoln rose to plant in the yard. They're my FAVORITE, and are hard to find this time of year. Cross your fingers for me that one turns up!


  1. Oh they look great! I love your final picture. On this gray day they are such bright spot! You are making the world a prettier place! LYS

  2. So just seem to have a way of brightening up even the greyest of days. I love them!!!



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