Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A HOPEful Hike

June 1st, as a kid, meant two things: Summer was almost here, and it was one of my best friend's Birthdays! There was always a party, lots of presents, and a huge cake. Her cousins and family would descend on her house and we'd throw water balloons and eat like kings. That friend of mine was named Hope, and was a dear part of my growing up. We knew each other since elementary school and were friends all the way up through high school. She had to live a very rough life, though. Her final years in high school were hard to watch, but I stood by and did whatever I could to help her through her struggles. Unfortunately, at the age of 21, she passed away. It was a surprise car accident that shook me and all her friends terribly. That was four years ago. Since she passed, I refused to remember the day she died. Instead, I would continue to celebrate the day she was born. At her funeral that August I took her 11 roses. Everyone probably thought I'd been dooped at the florists, but instead I had saved one of them for myself. I dried it, and almost a year later on June 1st, I hiked up Sleeping Woman's Peak and scattered them to the wind. My church has always been found at the tops of mountains, so that is where I went to remember and celebrate her life. Since then, I have always hiked on June 1st in her memory. Even if it is more of a hill than a mountain, even if it is raining, I still do it. This year I grabbed my sister and we headed up some foothills near town. It sprinkled on us, but we didn't mind a bit. We hiked and laughed and talked and I reminisced about my beloved friend. We reached the top and it was covered in wildflowers and bluebirds. I prayed, said hello and Happy Birthday to my Hope, and enjoyed a beautiful moment above the city. I take a lot of comfort in the fact she's happy now. Though we all miss her so, she has had four very happy years in a much kinder place then she knew down here. She would be 25 this year, and I raise a glass to her and her happiness. :) I love you so, Hopey!


  1. Aw, you so very thoughtful! I love that you remember her birthday instead of the day she passed!!! I so wish I could have gone, next year I promise to go with you!!! <3

  2. Hope was such a special young lady. I will always remember her at all your birthday parties. One of my favorite pictures is of you and Hope and Jen, at your Titanic pool party. A fun time and a great group of girls. We love you Hope!

  3. The more I read of your blog, the more I am convinced that you are an amazing young woman! Thank you for sharing this beautiful story and your tradition in honoring your friends memory.



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