Saturday, June 5, 2010

So Many Markets!

Ahh, my first Market day of the season! They've been up and rolling for a few weekends now, but I was only able to start going today. There is the River Market (produce and meat and fish), the People's Market (jewelry, crafts, and snacks) and the Farmer's Market (flowers, veggies, coffee and chaos). The River Market is the newest and made use of a beautiful spot near our Clark Fork River. I always start at the Farmer's though, and work my way south. Every sidewalk is full of performers and vendors. Petitioners come out in droves, but are kind and polite. The sun was shining today (after a week of rain) and people were smiling at every corner. At one stop light a lady stepped in front of me, and pouring out of her shoulder bag were the green flowing stocks of some lovely plant. Not sure what she had purchased, but it hung out of her bag and waved as she walked, just like a rooster tail. The more I looked around the more bags I saw all bursting forth with greenery; vegetables, herbs, bouquets of spring flowers. Downtown was alive and smelling fresh! My pace was slow, and my eyes treated to the best people watching you can find. I purchased nothing today, but gained so much. On my way home from my wanderings, I stopped on the bridge over the river. It is as brown as chocolate milk! I like to watch it change. In the winter it is a ominous black, before being covered in frozen white. Now it has thawed and is brown and running fast. It carries dirt and trees right through town. The kayakers are crazy this time of year. They must dodge logs to play in this water. The level is high, and it looks to drown those dear plants that line its bank. I cannot wait for it to return to it's refreshing crystal green. Then it's time for me to play in it! Below are a few pictures from my morning adventure. I hope you all have been enjoying your Saturday morning too!

The River Market

Chocolate Milk River!

Runoff Logs as Seen from the Bridge

Flowers Blooming in My Neighborhood


  1. Oooooo, love the pictures! I can't wait to don my straw hat and grab my fancy bag and buy veggies and earrings with you. Glad you had a fun time! LYS

  2. It's a sure sign of summer approaching us! I'm so excited, the fresh veggies and flowers (not mention the people watching) it such a special treat!


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