Monday, June 28, 2010

My Week as Caretaker

I have been given the task of watching my parent's house while they are away vacationing on the coast. It's never been a chore! I love it because I get to wander the garden and enjoy their beautiful space. I water plants and relax with their cat in the sun. Yesterday was my first "shift." I drank coffee and ate a Starbucks pink donut on their back step and then snapped a few photos of my mom's peonies.

So pretty! I'll return tonight for more watering and wandering. More photo-taking too! :)


  1. I'm sure your folks are enjoying their trip and vacation, especially knowing that their place is being lovingly taken care of.

    That's a great pic of the peonies.


  2. Wonderful pict! So glad you took it, since with the sprinklers I set up while I was away, it beats the poor bloosoms right off the stems.....LOL I always feel better knowing you are there watching out over everything. :) LYS


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