Friday, June 25, 2010

New Tile!

So, not too long ago, my sister and I noticed that some of the tiles in our bathroom shower were loosening. Uh-oh. After we picked at one, we noticed a fair amount of water damage behind it. Darn! Left a message with the landlady and hoped for her sake that it wasn't too extensive. Before we knew it she'd called in a construction guy to take a look and we scheduled his visit. I'm always interested in improving my rental place and here was another opportunity. My latest inquiry to the landlady was what kind of tile is this guy gonna put in when he fixes the wall? I got excited when she said it would not be the ugly, baby blue color that it was originally! Hurray!

There's that ugly tile and some of the damage we saw!

So, construction guy came and started the job. I stayed home from work to supervise and as I typed away in the kitchen it got louder and louder in the bathroom. Clank, clink, rattle! The tiles were coming down!

Finally all the clanking stopped and out came the saw. More noise! I went and checked in later and he told me that the damage wasn't too extensive but that I had a fair amount of black mold!! Yuck! No wonder our breathing problems have increased in this house! Next came the smell of bleach as he cleaned up the mess. *Cough* I came to look once more before he left for the day and as we stood there he thought out loud "what if we take off the vinyl up top, and tile all the way up?" I was all for that! What do I hate more than baby blue tile? Fake vinyl tile! He called the landlady who called me and asked what I thought. (I felt special.) I decided to go shopping that night for something pretty, happy that she trusted my instincts. The next day started with the vinyl removed and a new wall added!

Then came the tile part! Construction Guy liked my choice and I hoped my landlady would too! He started gluing them in and I loved it already! He returned to grout and then returned again to seal it this morning. Now we're done finally! It's been a whole week of this! I really like the results too, and it passed the Landlady Test with flying colors. Wahoo!

Now time to go take a shower in my deluxe bathroom. :) It's amazing how changing one thing can do so much!


  1. What a great change! You made a great choice in tiles. It is lovely!

  2. Oh my gosh, your new tile looks SO pretty!!! I'm totally jealous!

  3. Just beautiful, your choice of tile is wonderful, it all turned out just stunning!!! Thanks for visiting my blog! Debbie @ Cottage Hann~Me~Downs


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