Sunday, July 18, 2010

Birthday Weekend, Day 1!

This year my 25th Birthday falls on a Monday, so I planned on doing a fair amount of celebrating on the Saturday beforehand. Well that was yesterday, and it was an amazing day! It started with me primping and waiting for my best friend, Bunny, to show up. I suddenly got a phone call from her: "I'm about to turn down your street, unlock your front door, sit on the couch, and close your eyes." LOL! Ok! I heard the door swing open and asked the stranger if she were a burglar, nope, my best friend! Whew! She had me open my eyes and she stood standing in front of me with a dozen roses and a red suitcase! 'Red suitcase?!' you may ask? Well, I am going to fly to LA in less than a week and I don't have my own luggage yet! So, she went and found me some in my favorite color! Yippee! It even matches the roses. But better yet, there was a handmade card attached to the outside and inside were more surprises! It was full of wonderful items, including a book we will read together and the oh-so-elusive color of nail polish I've been wanting and trying to track down. :) She really does listen to me when we're out shopping! There was a healthy dose of zebra-print stuff in that suitcase too. (At this point I should be on the 12-step program for Zebra print. It's an OBSESSION!)

So, after giggling furiously over fun gifts, she handed me an iced coffee, mmm!, and we headed off to the Farmer's Market. No veggies were purchased, but we did find a booth that offered henna tattoos. OK! So for $5 a pop, we got decorated by the two sweetest girls. They seemed thrilled to have such happy customers. :)

After that we did a little shopping, and took a tour around the new yarn shop downtown, Loopy. Very fun!

Then it was pottery time! Yep! We were going to paint our own pottery. Something we've always wanted to do! We both chose to do mugs and it was soooo fun and relaxing to paint them.

The art center we were at lets you do all sorts of art for cheap. You can make glass jewelry, or silk screen a shirt. You can borrow their kiln too for your own projects. Super cool! With our mugs ready for firing we headed off to get me a manicure. My hands were a mess! Bunny got comfy in a pedicure chair while me and the nail tech got down to business. We chatted and sipped soda and had a great time. How relaxing! Nails look great! But, oops, now I can't get my wallet out of my purse...Bunny had to come to my rescue at a few places as I fumbled around with sticky nails!

Next up was lunch, and an impromptu run-in with a very good old friend. Then a little more shopping and I was dropped back home to re-do my hair. Then it was dinner time and I was joined by my five FAVORITE people in the world. I was so glad we could all get together. We ate delicious Italian food and chatted about everything. I have never combined all of these people at once and it was hilarious to see how it mixed. The evening slowed, and I enjoyed a brew on the front lawn as the sun set. I went to bed smiling and pleasantly exhausted! Now it's Sunday, what's next? Going swimming with Bunny at Adult Swim at one of the local pools in town. Can't wait! I'll tell you about it soon! :)


  1. What a fantastic Birthday Saturday! You sure know how to have a good time. The weather was perfect and you were looking so lovely too! Now the big day is coming tomorrow. Happy Birthday Eve! LYS

  2. Now that sounds like a special day! Happy Birthday!


  3. 1 quarter century! Happy birthday you beauty!

  4. The yarn photo is lovely. Thanks for the beautiful comment!


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