Thursday, July 15, 2010

Never Underestimate the Power of Crayons

A wise person recently pointed this out to me. Whether one is stressed or angry, sad or lonely, or just so happy they could burst, pour it out on paper. And instead of focusing on thoughts and words, focus on colors and textures and the movement of the hand. Go crazy or go slowly. Take a tip from the 5 year olds out there and scribble your brains out. There is a lot of good to be found in those wiggly lines, and those sticks of wax. From Grape Purple to Burnt Sienna, Grass Green to Classic Red, turn emotion into art -- one of the simplest kinds -- and free yourself. (You can always hang it on the fridge when you're done.) :)


  1. Pretty! The next box is on me! Keep it up! LYS

  2. And should you need a box after the one Kit gets you, I'll good for one! I love ya and love your Art!

  3. Oh there is nothing more fun then a fresh box of crayons! Beautiful! Happy happy almost quarter century! Ok so I am only 31 but I did so much AMAZINGLY good growth, discovery and change from 25-29. Enjoy every sweet second and happy happy day dear girl!


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