Monday, July 12, 2010

The Neighborhood Pool Party!

A week or so ago, as I sat at my kitchen table looking out the window over my laptop, a little boy came to my step and left something. Confused I went out and found a flyer for the Neighborhood Pool Party. Pool Party? Haven't been to one of those in years! It was specific for the neighborhood, with only certain blocks invited. Oooh! An exclusive pool party! It was going to be held at a new indoor pool that was built to replace an old outdoor pool. I remember back when when they proposed this, and being a little sad. As a kid in this town, McCormick Pool was one of the coolest places to go in the summer. It was your good, old fashioned, cement rectangle. On special occasions they served watermelon. :) You came armed with a towel and bag of quarters for the vending machines, and lived in fear of thunderstorm threats that would make them evacuate the pool. You'd stand dripping outside, praying against the weather. This specific pool, (one of two in town) was near my house so it was a small bike ride away. My friends and I would bike (or occasionally beg a parent for a ride) and spend the whole afternoon there. My memories of it are very good ones. Not too long ago they decided to upgrade. As much as I would have liked them to keep it an outdoor facility, at least they kept it a pool. Now it has slides indoors and a beach like area for the little kids. I admit I was disappointed at the unveiling and never spent the money to play. That all changed last night! With towel in hand, swim suit on, and grin plastered on my face, my sister and I headed down to see what this party was all about. Upon our arrival we were handed plates, where we placed watermelon, pizza and cupcakes. While our food waited on the table, we jumped in the pool. I haven't tasted chlorine in so long! There were very few people, and I admit my sister and I were the oldest! LOL. We went down the slides like 8 year olds and swam and splashed and smiled. I felt like a little kid again and I loved it! We didn't have too long to play before the whistle blew and it was time to close. Pruney, with tangled hair, I ate my cupcake and retreated to the car for the ride home. What a wonderful event, shared with neighbors, doing one of my favorite things of Summer. Who cares if I'm almost 25! You're never too old for the public pool! :)


  1. Your post has me smiling. Good for you, sliding down the slide into the pool. Who says you have to grow up just because you are a certain age. Glad you and your sister had fun and some great memories of your own childhood.


  2. I haven't visited the new pool yet, but I do remember the fun times at the old one. Especially the Titanic Birthday Party! Glad you had such a great time with your sis. LYS

  3. I enjoyed this story as I grew up with community pools, one in Sydney OH and one in Greensburg PA. We spent all day every day there. I also remember the mass evacuation during thunderstorms and the special smell to the air with the chlorine and the rain.

    Thanks for stopping by oldgreymare.



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