Saturday, August 14, 2010

Lazy Summer Day

I am just finishing a lively cup of Lemon Zinger tea, and have retreated from the increasing temperatures outside. Earlier you would have found me out lounging on my wooden glider in the yard near the flowers. I have been enjoying my latest read, a work of non-fiction telling the story of a mountaineer on Everest. I love these books! My friend, who is an actual mountain guide and accomplished climber, laughs and calls me an "arm chair mountaineer." It has always been an interest of mine, however, and after my short experience in that world last summer in Peru, I can't put the books down. One of these days I'll get back up on a mountain too. But as for today, I will stay at my moderate altitude and enjoy a lazy Saturday. The preceding week fed us only rain and gray days in the 70s or high 60s. They were a quiet preview of the Fall to come--a season I adore, but am not quite ready to embrace just yet. So the extra heat today is welcome. It reminds me that though it is Montana, it is still Summer, and every so often Montana follows those rules. (Though we did have a winter weather advisory for locations above 7000 feet!). Good thing I don't live at 7000 feet. :) This time in August is always an interesting transition period. Fall will be here soon, along with a change in the attitude of the town. The students will flood back in during the next few weeks and start to fill in all the cracks of the city. As much as I enjoy the extra energy these students bring to my work place, I can't help being a little sad at losing my calm, relaxing, and very empty campus. But, without students, I wouldn't have a job. So I won't fuss too much. Instead, I'll do my best to celebrate with them the end of Summer. There are still a handful of festivals to attend, and the weather is still pleasant for hikes and exploring. Before the leaves fall, and then the snow, it's time to soak in the rest of the long, hot days to remember fondly later. :) So off I run to find myself a shady spot to do just that. I hope you're enjoying your August too!


  1. What a lovely day you had! It was quite beautiful here today wasn't it? I love these end of Summer treats. Before long we will be deep in snow! LYS

  2. Your day sounds lovely. Oh how I wish fall would be here soon for us. I envy you who get to enjoy all four seasons.

    Enjoy the calm of the end of your summer before the rush of fall activities.


  3. Such a lovely post and an expression of true enjoyment and genuine appreciation for being right where you are. Lounging outdoors in the garden, basking in the sun's warmth, enjoying a good read and a good cup of tea. Lemon Zinger is a fave of mine, too. :-)

  4. mmm tea and reading and a shady spot! perfection!


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