Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Quite Contented

Today was an entertaining one. The joy obtained through some very simple things indeed. Work was full of cheer as we celebrated another Birthday with brownies and ice cream. Oh how I did not look forward to turning that oven on yesterday evening to bake. How hot it makes the house! But it was worth it today when I brought in my chocolate bounty and everyone ate up, quite pleased. The sun beamed strong and bright and it felt again like August. The real kind, not the maybe-it's-gonna-snow-tomorrow-Montana-kind. I met a friend for coffee and tea, respectively, over a baguette in a sunny spot. I took great joy watching the riding mower folks zip around the campus cutting the grass. It smelled so good! I love how purposeful the mower's path is, how straight the lines, like baseball fields. I especially like walking through the grass, thick as expensive carpet. (Though not a particularly good color choice for indoors.) Work progressed and as the clock hands rounded out the last hour of the day I packed up to go. I decided, back in May, to walk to and from work one weekday. I do not live far, but it can easily eat up a half an hour each way if I am distractedly moseying with coffee in hand. Even though I must wake earlier to leave earlier, I have enjoyed the relaxation of walking (versus biking) so much that I have been walking to and from my job for the last three months! It has proven to be a delightful way to wake up with the day, and calm down in the evening. With my bag slung across my shoulder today I began the familiar stroll home, but this time the rumble of thunder kept me closer to the tree-lined streets. I beat the rain to my house as the air continued to cool. It smelled heavenly! As the drops began to fall I cozied up with my newest book and began to read. My cat was curled at my feet until the lightning grew too close and spooked her. With her scooped up on my lap, a safe spot, she dozed. I continued to read until my sister prompted conversation. I ate well this evening. I enjoyed a sunset. The kind where the sun beams shine like gold thread, but the sky beyond is still the darkest gray. I listened for the neighbors' stirring. Finally quiet next door. This is a gift. I read more, talked more, enjoyed more, and am now so fully content that I intend to sleep more soundly than I have in awhile. Today has been a lovely day invested in the little things. I am pleased with its simple offerings and will head to sleep with a very pleasant smile on my face. I do hope you all enjoyed similar joy on your Wednesday!


  1. Your day sounded very pleasing indeed. May you have many more contented days.


  2. That does sound like a lovely day! The storm was fierce here and Sam was not at all happy so he retreated to the comfort of the basement. Another glorious offering today. Enjoy! LYS


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