Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Just Had to Show You This Place!

This photo was taken by Kristine Paulsen, the wedding photographer that was present this last Saturday at the wedding I went to. I just had to put it here so you can see what that church looked like! Amazing!!

Click on the image to make it bigger!


  1. what a beautiful space you have here! That church is also lovely!

  2. Hi there! Thanks so much for visiting my blog and signing on as a follower.... I am signing on to follow yours too! I adore your mama and her blog, so happy to meet you! OK, I am also signing you up for my October Barn Chicks party post! It's sooo much fun! Love to you... xoxo Julie Marie PS I also LOVE your kitty in the previous post! Kitty kisses!

  3. What a lovely pict! Where were you sitting? LYS

  4. I'm sitting two rows in front of the lady in bright purple. :) You can see Jill in beige.

    Thanks for following me Julie Marie! I'm so excited for the Barn Chicks party! :D

  5. Gorgeous! It reminds me of cathedrals I saw in Peru.


  6. Hi E. Charlotte, So nice to meet you and I so enjoyed my visit to your lovely blog. Thank you for stopping by and also becoming a follower of my blog. I am now a happy follower of you too.
    I always enjoy your mothers wonderful blog too.
    Gorgeous pic of the church. I bet it was amazing in person. Thank you for sharing.

    Have a great evening.
    Hugs, Celestina Marie

  7. Wow, the architectural details of that church are stunning! I'd be looking up the entire time! Great post! Lovely blog and music too:-)

  8. E. please email me your email lacylike@gmail.com :)


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