Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Wonderful Day for a Wedding!

Yesterday I curled my hair, put on the nice jewelry, and slipped into my new favorite silk dress. I felt so glam! I was headed to a wedding downtown in our biggest, fanciest Catholic church. I was playing my sister's date at a mutual friend's event. We sat in pews adorned with dried purple flowers, and rich purple ribbon. A procession of pale-pink adorned bridesmaids made their way up the aisle along with the two cutest flower girls I've ever seen. The bride was gorgeous and the groom so handsome! I enjoyed the ceremony (both traditional, but fun and modern) and watching the couple laugh and cry and hold hands. I've never seen two people that happy to be getting married! We laughed with them, shed tears and held our hands up to bless them. After the ceremony, a little girl in pink ran down the aisle to pull the bell rope. The bells chimed and chimed announcing the happy event to the whole city. We waited outside on the steps to blow bubbles as the giggling couple came running out. It was marvelous! The reception that followed was up in the mountains. We sat outside with wine, meeting new people and telling stories as the sun went down. The food was superb, the cake: amazing, and the couple: completely charming! I was so happy to be a part of this great day! Unfortunately, I was not able to snap too many pictures. The following will have to suffice!

Here's the dim inside of the church. One of the most beautiful places I've ever been!

Waiting on the steps.

A very charming guest at the ceremony!

Me having fun!



  1. You look splendid! Sounds like your friends had a great event. Love the shot of the wine glass and the pretty purple. Nice. LYS

  2. I love weddings...they somehow make it feel like everything in the world is still good. It's nice to see a picture of you!!! You look beautiful.


  3. Your new profile pict is TOTALLY glam! And p.s. happy-makers is my new fave word combo. thanks to you!


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