Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Sunshine and Sunflowers

What a delightful day! The sun was shining bright, warming up the valley to a pleasant 76 degrees. The foliage is just starting to change in town, adding red and orange halos to the tops of very green trees. The river rippled only slightly as it flowed through town, not hindered by tubers, swimmers, kayaks or even a breeze. The entire day, inside and outside, seemed quiet. Like everyone is enjoying this calm, hoping to make it last, before the harsh hand of winter sweeps through. I spent most of my hours indoors today, but at least with a view of the mountains and sunbeams; interrupting computer tasks with a Mom and Daughter lunch half way through the day. Fed on good food and company, I finished up my list of tasks and headed out on foot to walk back home. The walk home is one of my favorite parts of any day. I like to make my steps near the river where I can smell the clean air and join the string of other walkers and bikers as we mosey our way into the evening. I tend to get caught with a smile on my face as I pass others. :) At the end of today's walk I was greeted with some very nice words written in pastel chalk on the concrete: You Are The Only Expression of You That Will Every Exist. Quite true! With a nod in agreement, and a few photos taken of the flowers nearby, I continued on. Now to warm tea and conversation as the evening marches on. I hope you all had such an enjoyable day!

An entire patch of sunflowers appeared one afternoon a month ago,
grew likes weeds, and are now blooming. These two were very
photogenic in front of our old train depot.

More sunflowers along with these little purple flowers.
I love them planted together!

It was hard to get all the colors to show up in this photo. (I only
had my camera phone!) In this bed there are a wonderful
mix of reds, purples, yellows and oranges.


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely day and i love the pics of the sunflowers and the colorful ornamental grasses. They're beautiful! Xx

  2. Great picts! It was such a lovely day, wasn't it? The sunflowers with the depot look great. You should see my burning bushes, very red! LYS

  3. Sounds like a perfect Autumn day... love your photos, the sunflowers are just gorgeous, and your words make it sound so inviting... we take a Nature walk every single morning and it's my very favorite part of the day... wishing you a beautiful Autumn morn... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. How beautiful! Our sunflowers have gone over now and the birds are doing incredible feats of actobatics to get the seeds out - it's wonderful to watch. Thanks for your very restful acount of a beautiful day. It's lovely to have your comments too - Raja is now free of her Cone of Shame!

  5. Oh, I love these pics, so beautiful. Don't you just love it when the sunflowers start beaming their heads through?


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