Thursday, November 18, 2010

Being Productive when it's -11

Snow outside from my window in the hotel.
Brrr! The days have continued to get colder, the longer I've been up in Alaska. The snow is still falling lightly too. After my exciting Sunday, things have toned themselves down a bit. I've been able to do what I actually came up here to do: work. I met with a list of contacts and all parties were interested in helping my group recruit more subjects. Hurray! Here's hopin'! I also was interviewed for a news segment that will air in a week. That will hopefully bring some recruits in too! I've been working with our newest employee stationed up here, getting her all ready to go for the rest of the winter. She definitely knows her stuff! So, I'm feeling pretty productive here so far. I also had time to wander around in the snow a little, make a snow angel, shop for souvenirs and tiddle around town in all this white!
Playing in the park amongst all the snow!
I went to North Pole, Alaska and met Santa Claus too! The town of North Pole is like any other small town, except that all the streets have Christmas themed names and the street light poles look like candy canes. There's a place called the Santa Claus House there and that's where Santa can be found 365 days a year. He was a pretty nice guy and knew a few people who are doing graduate work at my University back home. Go figure! Let's hope that means Montana gets extra presents this year. :)
Where Santa sits (when he's not going on lunch!) :)
Earlier this week I met a musher who works across the street from my hotel. She told me about the dogs a little and the 1000 mile race she's run. I'm really getting into this dog sled stuff! I've had time to try out a local watering hole and have gotten really good at navigating the streets too. I'm getting used to this new town. I could actually see myself living here someday. But, alas, I head south tomorrow. It has been a hoot the whole while though! And by the sounds of it the cold weather will be following me home, and bringing snow with it. Hurray! Off I go to hike a little, work a little, and of course shop a little. Then it's time to start stuffing everything into the suitcase again. :)


  1. I hope you put a good word in for me with Santa!
    Can't wait to see you. Have a safe trip home. LYS

  2. How much fun are you having!!! I love that you met Santa, and also made a snow angel, my favorite... like your mama, I hope you put in a good word for me to Santa too!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. I'd love to meet Santa too:-) I remember the first time that i saw snow, i was outside making snow angels for a long time! Have a safe trip returning home. XX

  4. Brrr! Too cold for me! You have a new follower! My name is Charlotte also. What does the "E" stand for?

  5. Wow. So beautiful! I love it. I wish I had a little snow!


  6. I loved reading about your time in Alaska, but I do believe that Western Montana looks about the same right now! (As it does on my side of the state!) Stay warm and have a Happy Thanksgiving!


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