Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

One of my favorite holidays, and the kick off to my official holiday season! I awoke today to big fluffy snow falling and a warm house. I am thankful for both! I cuddled the cat and put on a pot of coffee while we waited for the parade to come on. Watching the parade has always been a tradition, and what generally goes with it are Pillsbury orange rolls. (Cinnamon rolls with orange-flavored icing) Unfortunately this year, I had no time to go buy a tube of them. Oh well! What's Thanksgiving minus one tradition? Kinda sad actually...but then I got a text from my Mom. My father was on his way to my house. Why? I went outside to greet him as he handed me....a tube of Pillsbury orange rolls! No way! :) So after a hug and a wave I got to preheating the oven, and am now enjoying the parade with a tummy full of orange flavored icing. Mmm! What a great surprise! The rest of the day will include some cross-country skiing and then piling in the truck to go to the parent's house for food and fun. There will be turkey and all the trimmings, a stack of ads for tomorrow's Black Friday, and an evening of board games with the family. Cool! I hope you all have a wonderful day enjoying your own traditions!


  1. Hi E Charlotte... oooh how sweet of your daddy to bring you your special rolls, I love it!... have a beautiful and blessed Thanksgiving with your family... love to you... xoxo Julie Marie (I already visited your mama's kitchen... I'll bet she is a fabulous cook!)...

  2. Looks like your day is going to be great. Enjoy it all. That was really sweet of your Dad to bring you a gift of a tube of the rolls.

    Happy Thanksgiving ~ FlowerLady

  3. Hey Sweetie! Glad you liked the rolls. The house is filling up with the scent of turkey, Dad has shoveled the walk, and I can't wait to see you tonight for dinner. LYS

  4. You are now either busy shopping or busy relaxing after so much of shopping.
    How wonderful to have a dad bring stuff you like over!

  5. How very sweet of your dad:) Hope you are having a wonderful day, my dear

  6. That is so cute of your parents to bring you that! They must know you well and love you much. Happy Holidays!


  7. Awww your parents read your mind! :) hope you're enjoying your Thanksgiving weekend!

    Btw thanks for stumbling into my blog and showing some love. Pretty blog btw!


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