Monday, January 17, 2011

A Montana Life Gave me an Award!

Yes, my dear mum over at A Montana Life has given me the Stylish Blog Award. I'm excited! It's my first award and I don't even have a speech prepared! Give me a moment while I make my way to the stage and try not to trip on my dress. LOL. Part of accepting it requires me to tell you seven things about myself and then choose another winner for the award. Cool! Ok here we go:

1. I have a habit of buying fancy shower curtains. I can't get enough! I have one for each season, holiday and mood. I love changing them out and changing the mood of that room. :D (I just did about a half hour ago!)

2. I love to travel and my adventurous side was spoiled two summers ago in Peru. I want to make a habit of leaving the country on interesting excursions. Run with the bulls in Pamplona? Climb Kilimanjaro in Africa? Eat cheese and chocolate in Switzerland between ski runs? They're all on my list, and I intend to start checking them off! :)

3. I graduated with a Chemistry degree a few years ago. I have always loved science and during my Junior and Senior years of high school, I fell in love with Chemistry. It was a challenging major in college, but definitely worth it. I just love numbers and molecules. :) A photograph of my graduating class hangs on campus and I am proud of to be one of a very small group of people who made it through successfully.

4. I have a roly, poly 4 year old cat named Bear. She is a Russian Blue/Manx so she looks like a bowling ball with legs. Her tiny tail is only about an inch and a half long and she uses it much like a dog would, wiggling it when she's happy. She is a handful for sure, (I definitely know why she's a stray...) but I love her to bits and she is a great other "roommate" in our house.

5. I could play board games ALL day long. I love them! Growing up, we had a ton of them in the house and we'd play them often. Nowadays we still get together as a family for games on the holidays and I just adore it! I could go for hours. :) Favorites? Scattegories, Pictionary, and our newest one Buzz Word! Go to my mom's blog for her post about the newest game we played. :)

6. I love cake. Ask anyone in this entire town, and they will know the biggest cake fan in the county. It's become a joke! I bake 'em often and try to get creative with the decorating of them. They're so easy to make, so good to eat, and so fun to decorate and share! I think it's why I like going to weddings so can't get better cake than that! :)

7. I love crafting with paper or cloth. I enjoy scrapbooking and cardmaking, and also sewing and cross-stitch. For my age, I tend to get made fun of for the latter, but I find it so relaxing and fun. I like having outlets for my creative side and I find glue and glitter, thread and fabric so relaxing to work with. :)

I hope you enjoyed those little tidbits about myself! Now it's time to pass the torch. I love all the blogs that I follow--and there are a lot! I find something wonderful about each, and each blogger has something new and interesting to teach me or show me every time I visit. I made a list of some of my all time favorites and from that list have chosen the winner.

The Stylish Blog Award goes too....(can you tell I just watched the Golden Globes??)

Stacey! At Design Addict Mom. She is such a stylish woman with a very stylish blog. She is a very kind blogger, who leaves the sweetest comments and writes a delightful blog. She loves home decor like I do and never fails to get my imagination going with her artful posts. She has a lovely family and is one of the dear bloggers who have made having a blog so much fun! Please hop on over to her blog to take a look and say hello. :)


  1. So fun to read, and I agree with so many of these (especially the severe wanderlust!). As for shower curtains, I have a HUGE crush on this one from Urban Outfitters right now:,

    And now I want cake. :)

  2. i've never heard of the shower curtain collecting. definitely a first. pics, plz!

  3. Hi there, you and your mom both have award~winning blogs!... and I just love visiting each of them... loved hearing your seven things about yourself... would love to see your kitty!... xoxo Julie Marie

  4. I always like to read about the recipient of blog awards. Can't wait to see some of the cakes you bake.

  5. LOL!! My cake eating, shower curtain loving, mother to my Grandkittie Bear. Loved your blog! LYS

  6. Congrats on the award darling. You deserve it! Your love for shower curtains sounds very much like my affliction for throw pillows! I can't get enough of them! How kind of you to pass the award on to me too-you just brightened my day so much more! Thank you sweet friend. XX

  7. Congrats to you and to Stacey:) You both are fantastic and wish you a lovely afternoon. Ps: I also could eat cake all the time..I love it so much:) haha
    Kisses, darling


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