Monday, January 17, 2011

Oh, Real Housewives...tsk tsk

Ok, so while I was home enjoying the house to myself on Monday, I happened across the Real Housewives of Orange County. Generally not something I watch, but I thought, "heck, let's give it a shot. I'm feeling frivolous." Well, I can guarantee you that I learned very little from the show, however, I have been left with a feeling of gratitude toward my parents and my childhood. Please allow me to thank my mother for the following:

1. Thank you for NOT buying me a Mercedes on my 18th Birthday.

2. Thank you for laying down actual rules while I grew up, and being a Mother FIRST, and a friend SECOND.

3. Thank you for making ME pay for college.

4. Thank you for not letting me dress like I'm 25 when I was 10.

5. Thank you for teaching me what real beauty is, that it's beautiful to age, and that our worth is not dependent on how many wrinkles we have (or do not have).

6. Thank you for not competing with me, dressing like me, and trying to be me as I went through high school.

7. Thank you for not wearing that much eye make-up and looking like a hooker.

8. Thank you for giving me real role models with you and Dad, two people that I'm NOT embarrassed to be seen with.

9. Thank you for taking us on fun family vacations, filled with mishaps, funny moments, perfect joy and silliness. And not just buying us a yacht. So you could feel like your in your 20s again.

I had a heck of a good childhood and it didn't revolve around money and mansions and fancy cars! High school went just fine without having a pool or a bungalow over Laguna Beach. I made friends without having to host huge parties. I had good grades, kind boyfriends and I respected my parents all along the way. You Real Houswives are about as "real" as your boobs. ;) And you couldn't pay me enough to be a part of that lifestyle!


  1. Oh that is so funny and sad at the same time!! What's really funny, is I NEVER watch much of anything on TV except PBS Kids, but I saw the very same show one morning this week because it came on after our local news and the tv happened to still be on. There is definitely nothing "real" about any of them. You definitely hit the nail on the head, lol. I'm thanking my mom too! Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. Oh E Charlotte, I love this post! I have never in my life watched that show, or anything like it, but from your description, I totally agree with you... like you, I was raised in a family full of love and real things in life that mattered... I so enjoyed your way of telling about how you were raised... sounds very similar to my childhood and growing up...thanks for being "YOU"!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. So true! But I do know rich ppl who weren't spoiled by their rich parents...a few lol

  4. I am going to keep this short and sweet! Amen!


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