Saturday, March 26, 2011

A Little White Sand, Roller Derby, and Jewelry!

My weekend started yesterday, after I took the day off to ski. Skiing fell through though, so I pampered myself instead. Or tried to! My massage I tried to book couldn't be booked till next week. And the fun errands I had to run meant not finding parking spots or dealing with horrible traffic. Not so much fun! I met up with my Mom though and she got me back on the right track. :) We got lunch and did some shopping, and I was feeling better. That afternoon a very good friend of mine joined me for an hour at Staycations. Staycations is a place in town that offers light therapy. You get a room, with lounge seats, heated white sand, a big screen TV with ocean scenes, scented candles, piped in music and you can bring in your own booze! We had a nice white wine and enjoyed the 80 degrees. It really worked! I felt like I'd been on vacation when we got done. :)

After I got home my Dad and I met up for a night at the roller derby. Yep, roller derby! We have a group of tough gals called the Hellgate Roller Girls. Two of the teams that they have played against each other and it was awesome. Ya gotta love the names: The Dirt Road Dolls vs. The Brawlin' Mollies. They even had mascots! We really had a good time and even got T-shirts. :)

So much fun! Today, I awoke and began cleaning the house. I straightened it all and made it look as clean and organized as possible. I was hosting a jewelry party! One of my sweetest friends is now a Park Lane jewelry representative, and I was soooo excited to host one of these get-togethers. There were a total of 7 us, enjoying brownies and iced tea, perusing jewelry catalogs and doing a LOT of laughing. It felt so good to talk about sparkly things and gossip and chit chat about what we were all up to. And the sun shown the whole afternoon! It was a gorgeous spring day here in MT and it put everyone in a great mood. I can't wait for my orders to come in now! Oh, how I love jewelry...

Next up for the weekend? My sister comes home tonight from her day on the ski hill so hopefully we'll drink a few beers and catch up about the week. Other than that, I shall be taking it easy and relaxing the next day and a half. Ahhhh... :)

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  1. Sounds like a fun filled weekend!... I would love to go to a Stacation!... 80 degrees? It is a blizzard and freezing again here today!... xoxo Julie Marie


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