Thursday, March 24, 2011

Photo Challenge: Pet

IIIIIIIIIT'S FRIDAY! If you're reading this right now, I am already out skiing. :) I am going to meet my sister on the hill and meet all of her ski patrol buddies on their last weekend of work. Cool! I hope the snow is good! Today is also another Photo Challenge day through RAZMATAZ. Chania chose the theme of Pet this week, which was an easy one for me! I've mentioned my little fur baby many times before, and I love taking photos of her. She's a Russian Blue/ Manx also called a Cabbit. (She looks like a bunny, with small poufy tail, and big back feet for bounding.) She was a stray that sauntered her way into my heart about 5 years ago. Please head over to Chania's blog to see other entries of blogger's pets! :)


  1. Your fur baby is adorable!!! What is her name?... I love people who rescue strays... your baby now has a happy forever home!... xoxo Julie Marie PS Tessy says she is very pretty, Tessy loves cats too! PPS I love your new header, so pretty!

  2. I did not know that Manx were also called Cabbits! Your Russian Blue has that typical beautiful and thick coat. I want to know her name as well!

    Hope the skiing was great! Ann

  3. Thank you ladies for the great comments! Her name is Bear actually. Originally, Winnie Bear. But she looks so much like Baloo from The Jungle Book, that we ended up just shortening it to Bear. :)

  4. Oh she is just an amazing color. Almost a blue/lavender grey. Gorgeous. Love that she happened upon you. She must have known she would be loved.

  5. Very regal- also looks like she cannot be bothered by such foolishness lol

  6. Bear is gorgeous! We have 4 cats, and they are a perpetual source of delight and entertainment.


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