Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Head's a little lighter...

Well, it's that time of year. Spring means a few things for me here in MT. Warmer weather, baby cows, sprouting tulips and, of course, teeth problems! If you remember back to last year, I took a whole month off of work after a tooth died, got pulled, needed surgery and caused nerve damage. It was quite the experience. Well, this Spring didn't disappoint in the same vein. After an optimistic trip to the orthodontist a few weeks ago, I was told that they couldn't even think about straightening my teeth till they took care of all the bad ones. Bad ones? What bad ones?! Turned out two of them were dead and in desperate need of root canals. Or so we thought. Off I go to the root canal guy who sadly shook his head and said that something was eating the roots and they were too damaged. We couldn't save them. Ok, next stop, my oral surgeon from last year. He proposed to pull my three remaining wisdom teeth. Oy! So, yesterday I went in and saw my favorite nurses, and drifted off to sleep under anesthesia. Five teeth were taken out, a biopsy performed and a bone graft. Oofta! Woke up crying, as usual, and begging for pain meds. Retired to my Mom's house where she could care for me. Nothing beats a Mom for that! They're just so good at taking care of people! She knew exactly what I needed and surprised me with things to keep me entertained. :) I spent the night in their spare room and thankfully didn't need to keep taking the fancy pain meds. Oy they make me sick! Today I faired much better and have been able to relax. My face is as puffy as can be and I talk like a fool, but things are healing already. Amazing how fast the mouth heals up! So I'll be taking the next day or two off and recouping. It'll be a nice, very long, weekend. Next up in the dental world? (Because of course it doesn't end here!) I'll be getting braces! Yep, a full set. Just like when I was in 5th grade. Then comes jaw surgery and dental implants. My teeth keep me busy that's for sure. At least it's always interesting around my house!

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  1. Oh you poor poor thing. Dental stuff is the WORST. And the cost of it only adds to the trama.


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