Friday, March 11, 2011

Photo Challenge: Perfume

It's Friday! Though it doesn't feel much like a Friday to me. (I've spent most of the week off due to teeth issues. You can read my last post about it.) I took a little time to do this week's photo challenge though. The idea was "perfume" and I used my favorite bottle of my "evening" scent. I thought it looked nice against the soft lace background. (Which are actually my curtains!) :) Head on over to RAZMATAZ's blog and see Chania's photo and all the other participants!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Extremely Georgio...he would appreciate the lace I am sure. I love how you have given the evening scent a little darkness..

  2. I love the lace in the Jacqueline says "very Georgio" A very creative shot...I love it. I do hope you teeth feel better...tooth ache is dreadful.....

  3. Lovin' this : D

    Have a great and pain free : ) weekend


  4. Hi there....over here from Razmataz....I summer in Montana....around Flathead Lake...So nice to meet you.


  5. So very pretty, love the lace idea. Makes for a very sexy and feminine photo. Kit

  6. We are from MT and miss it terribly!! I'm jealous! Now we're where ever the Navy drops us...LOL.
    I love the color contrast of the light and dark in your photo!


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