Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I have a very dear love for....cows

Yes, some people collect their cow cookie jars, and cow print aprons and pillows. To be honest, I only have three cow themed items in my whole house. What I like a lot more, is seeing them in person. And in Montana, that's not hard to do. I don't know where the love came from, or when it started, but cattle have always made me smile. They have a huggable, Eeyore quality to them. I like their fuzzy faces, and their graceful moseying walk. I like their graceful lines while they're grazing. I love the oreo cows in their black and white, the brown ones with white foreheads, the dark black angus (who I assume must be the warmest in the winter). What do I love more than cows? Baby cows! Yep, I've mentioned it before, but I adore calves. I want one! Though I'm not sure my landlady would appreciate that...This time of year all my highway adventures involve cruising past A LOT of ranch land, and that means lots of calves! Even when I'm completely alone in the car I have a tendency to yell out "babies!" when I see them. As a passenger, I've been known to startle the driver too by my sudden exclamations of their cute-ness. Last year I even got to witness a cow birth! Now that was cool. :) A week ago as I wandered the backroads of Montana, I passed a field where all the calves were right up next to the fence. Perfect photo moment! I snapped away and cooed from my car (until the mama cows got upset!) Here are a few of my faves. :)

I love this one! Like a pile of cow faces. :)


  1. omg. the baby cows are to-die-for cute. Cows really are so gentle and sweet and I love seeing them as well. I lived in Vermont one summer, and I taught in a county where there were more cows than people! haha!

  2. hahah, it *is* a pile of cow faces! I love it! :) I've always liked cows too. Especially random ones with cowbells you meet on the trail when out on days long backpacking trips!

  3. Great photos E. Cows make me feel happy. We used to see pastures of them down here, but the pastures have all given way to housing communities, shopping malls, etc. Every once in awhile we spy a little pocket of land with a few cows and I get all excited, and say 'look cows.'


  4. Aw look at their sweet faces! I love cows too! I got to see so many on the road with my boss this week, I even got to see a completely black one chasing a completely white one! :)

  5. I am loving all the baby cows too! And the young colts that are running all over the pastures! LYS


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