Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Favorite....Shower?

I was reading one of the blogs I follow, Mom in High Heels, and she blogged recently about her very favorite shower experience. Hers was after giving birth to her first child, and the feeling of finally being squeaky clean and relaxed. It was an interesting post, and it got me thinking, 'what's been my favorite shower experience?' This isn't a terribly hard question. I'll tell you what it was: two summers ago my sister and I took off for Peru to take a 2.5 week mountaineering course. We spent a few days in a hostel in Huaraz before setting off on a 4 day trek, and then a hike into base camp after that. This meant about a week and a half of no showering. It was an amazing week of adventure, and I never really longed for a shower all that much. We were all in the same boat, so it wasn't so bad. I'll tell ya though, me in shorts? After days of not shaving? Yea, I had man legs... Other than that it was OK. Thankfully at base camp it was generally cold enough to warrant a hat at all times. Whew! I could cover up the messy hair! After our course ended, and we did the three hour hike out of base camp, and then the multi-hour bus ride back to Huaraz, we finally had a shower to use. There was a very limited amount of warm water in the hostel, so my shower was tepid at best. My sister's was just plain cold. (She was kind enough to let me go first.) I've never used so much shampoo in my life and enjoyed every little water drop that came from that sad, pitiful shower head. I felt human again! It felt so good to wash that part of the trip off of myself and get ready to come home. Best. Shower. Ever!

This is the hostel, taken from inside the court yard.
Not too shabby a place!

One of the best parts of this hostel? Roof top terrace!

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  1. I can't even imagine going that long without a shower....LOL My best shower, one at a campground in Beverly Beach after a freezing time at the sea. LYS


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