Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Last Ski Day

Look how much neon is in this shot!!

Most folks in this town know of the holiday known as Snowbowl's Last Day. Snowbowl is our closest ski area and their last open day equals a pretty epic party. Being only 20 minutes out of town, a fair amount of participants don't even go to ski! Just to eat and schmooze. Your lift ticket that day includes a BBQ and a whole lotta people watching. Why is the people watching so good here? Everyone comes in costume! My sister wore a 60s dress with purple wig and big white sunglasses (with a few layers underneath for warmth). She was a little smarter than me. I wore my German barmaid outfit from a few Halloweens ago over metallic, gold leggings. Epic. Braids in my hair and a Peruvian hat on my head. Too bad it was so darn cold up there! Almost freezing was worth it though. Runs were made, and beer was drank while waiting in the lift lines. People cranked music from boom boxes and threw snowballs. Lots of dancing, lots of laughing. There were folks dressed in 80s garb, a guy dressed as Pac-Man (who had friends dressed as ghosts!), one skier in wet-suit with kayak paddle in hand, a gentleman dressed as wonder get the idea. Plain silliness. We capped the day off with Bloody Marys in front of the lodge fireplace. A successful ski year comes to a close. (At least as far as the chair lift life goes.) Sister and I will be back at it the rest of this Spring, skinning up the nearby mountains to get a few more slushy turns in. :) Probably not in costume at that point though...

Me in my dirndl with drink in hand, staying warm in the lodge.

Sister's lovely wig.

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  1. You two are something else! Sounds like a great day on the slopes! LYS


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