Monday, April 18, 2011

Things I'm Loving Right Now

So much is waking up in this city this time of year. Trees are budding, people are out on foot enjoying the season, campus is alive again. I've been having one of those months where I feel so at ease and one with the rest of the universe. I feel I know exactly who I am, what I want and where I'm going. I am quite happy and peaceful and excited at each day that passes, and the possibilities therein. So, it's time for another edition of Things I'm Loving Right Now.

1. First up, reconnecting with old friends. I've had the pleasure of rekindling and reworking friendships lately. Dear people that have not been seen for years have paths that are crossing mine again, and it's delightful! I have a unique collection of people in my life, the ones that mean the most, and I enjoy their very different personalities, life goals, and impressions of the world. I learn so much from being a part of these people's lives. It helps balance mine and keep me level. I have acquired such a blend of intelligent, interesting, passionate and caring individuals. There is so much to mine for the soul from these relationships, and I am so eager to give all I have too.

2. A good book. Ya really can't beat a good book. I was into a Jane Austen affair for awhile but it just wasn't hitting the spot. So I went and rummaged through my bookcase and found another I hadn't touched in awhile. Since the first page, I have been swept away again and am loving it. I look forward to the moment I get to read each evening and explore more of the story. Gotta love that this latest one is chemistry based! Wahoo!

3. Babies! Oh am I ever in baby mode. Not for my own, mind you, but for others. I am taking such joy in watching the lovely ladies around me prepare for their new little ones. I am fascinated by the body changes that they go through, the process of pregnancy. How in love with their future children they are (and I am too). I simply want to bounce when I think of holding my future nephew and seeing his face. What will he look like? What color eyes? What will his first word be down the line? I hope he likes his Auntie! :)

4. iPods! I have finally joined the 21st century and acquired an iPod. My best friend visited this weekend to hang out when her latest baby shower had been canceled. We ended up having a wonderful day running around town together. She brought with her a very lovely wrapped gift. Oddly shaped, and it piqued my curiosity. She so sweetly explained how much our friendship means to her and the love I have for her and her future son. Well, duh! Of course I love them! :P He he he. In the package was a brand new iPod shuffle (in blue for the baby boy!). She even got me an iTunes gift card to get me started. It was so kind and unexpected. And I do love that, as she explained, the gift was from baby, to his aunt. He is already such a gentleman! :)

I am wonderfully loved and enjoying every minute. I hope you are too! Tell me what you're loving right now! :)

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  1. It makes me smile to think of what a great friend you are to J and how much she shows she cares. I am loving that you are so happy lately! LYS

  2. aww that is such a sweet gift, from baby to auntie! see he loves you already, and of course he'll love you all the more when he gets to meet you face to face. and what book are you so into right now???

    i'm loving baby toes right now.

  3. How blessed your are. It would be wonderful if more people could look at life like that. I am happy for you. I believe in living each day the best you can.


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