Thursday, May 19, 2011

A "Bear"thday!

On Wednesday we celebrated what we like to call a Bearthday. The fourth Birthday of my cat, Bear! As close to a Birthday as we can calculate. Four years ago I let her into the foyer of my apartment building on accident one night. Unclaimed, and quite lost, she became mine a month after that. For the days leading up to her "official" adoption she lived in my bathroom as we hung fliers and called pet shelters. No one had reported a Russian Blue/Manx. A few years later, after she panicked upon our moving to a new house did I get the feeling she'd been abandoned long ago by her original family. She looked at me so scared that I was going to pack up the apartment and leave her behind. It felt good to scoop her up, throw her in the truck and take her to the new house. She seemed bewildered...and very thankful. :) She's a unique cat, and being a handful is an understatement, but I love her to bits. So glad she found her way to my house on that Spring night.

So what did we do this year? Well, after letting her run around the backyard, stalk mice and eat a lot of grass, she came back inside to throw up. Not out of the ordinary. But this time it looked like she must have ate some sharp grass and cut her throat. Yikes! So we called up Mom and after getting a ride headed off to the vet. An antibiotic later she was sent home. Her little hoarse meows last night were so hard to hear! Poor girl. Today she looks fit as a fiddle though and we'll just make sure to only eat the good grass from now on. What a day for a Bearthday!


  1. There's our Bear! Glad she is doing better. Great photos of her, she is so pretty. LYS

  2. awww, poor bear! hope her meows are back to normal in no time!

  3. Oh that was an awful bearthday suprise! Hope she is better soon.


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