Sunday, May 29, 2011

My New (Eight-Legged) Friend

I have always been known as a fan of spiders. I've always thought them fascinating. Between the monstrous hunters, the dainty web weavers, to the little guys that end up on my ceiling some days, I love them. It is only fitting then, to finally own one as a pet. A colleague at work was getting rid of one and I jumped at the chance to take her home. She is a Chilean Rose Tarantula (whom I've given the delicate name Rosie), and she is a beauty. Some folks get chills at the thought of a spider this big, but it just makes her more interesting to watch! She is so gentle when she moves and walks. Taking care with every step. They're very fragile creatures so she always moves with caution. I picked her up today for the first time (with gloves this first time around) but one of her legs slipped and she stepped on my wrist. It was the softest little foot ever! I was charmed. :) Welcome, Rosie, to the family!


  1. I used to play with Tarantulas when I was little. Though I'm not a huge spider fan, I have always liked Tarantulas! Rosie seems like an awesome girl! Welcome little (big) one!

  2. Rosie is very fortunate to have you as her new spider mommy...congratulations!!! :)
    xo J~

  3. There is my new Grand-Spider! She is so lovely but I think I will restrain myself from hugging her right now. :) LYS


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