Thursday, May 26, 2011

It's My Mom's Birthday!

I haven't a better friend than my Mom. (Lots of you know her from her own blog, A Montana Life.) She is my role model, confidant, and hero. We see each other all the time and yet still always have something to talk about! We're extremely similar, and it never bothered me years ago that I realized I was 'just like my mother.' I was honored! She is an amazing woman who deserves the best Birthday ever. So that's exactly what she gets! Lots of surprises today all in the name of my Mom. Let the fun begin! :D

My all-time favorite photo with my mom. :)


  1. I'm headed over right now to wish her a Happy Birthday! Thanks for letting us know! (And I love that you and your mom are so much alike ~ a compliment to you both!)

  2. Birthday wishes from across the water, Tam x

  3. You gave me the most incredible birthday a woman could ask for. From the time I woke up, till now when I will soon go to bed, I have had such a wonderful day. I am so blessed to have you as my daughter. Love You So

  4. You two are just so adorable and have such a special relationship, it's wonderful!!
    xo J~


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