Sunday, June 26, 2011

"Sunday: S is for..." (My new game for this week)

My parents are off to the OR coast this week, so that leaves me taking care of their property while they're away. It's a chore I never mind! I always bring my camera and capture as many little, beautiful details about their yard. So, this year, I will do the same, and every day post a new snapshot of their world. This week will be dedicated to their home! So here we go!

Sunday: S is for...Sun!

Lots of places in their yard to sit and enjoy a sunbeam. The brightly painted theater chairs and the new, crisp garden bench are two good options.

There's lots of objects here to catch sunshine too, whether it be stained glass or green leaves!


  1. ummmm... I'm telling your mom! :) I just love the theater seating. How cool. :)


  2. There's my new bench! Nice pics. LYS


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