Saturday, June 25, 2011

The River City Rod Run!

Lookin' Sassy!

Every summer our river-side park plays host to a fair sized car show. It's the first one of the season, and folks come down in flocks to look at all the hot rods, muscle cars, and strange wheeled contraptions people have built or remodeled. My Dad built a Cobra that he finished last year (and that I've mentioned before) and once again entered it in the show. At 9pm last night they do my favorite part--the cruise! All cars get up on our main drag and make a big loop. The city comes out to watch the "parade" of vehicles with "oohs" and "ahhs" and lots of waving. I got to ride shotgun in the Cobra next to my Dad. I couldn't stop grinning! I asked my Dad what it was like to build something that made people smile so much. :) Little kids (both girls and boys) pointed at us as we went by and yelled "Daddy! That's the one I want!" Older gents gave us smiles and thumbs up. Ladies squealed and said it was "so pretty!" Some folks drive fancy cars so that they can feel like a million bucks. I like this fancy car because where ever it goes, it brings grins, waves, and joy. And that's better than any Lamborghini or Maserati can do! :P

Me and Dad!

Sister's turn to ride!


  1. your dad is so talented! what an amazing car!!!

    also, i love your braces countdown. it's so long, but it looks like they are clear, so really you can't even tell in the pictures! :)

  2. How fun!... you look beautiful, and sassy!... and I LOVE your daddy's car!... the cruise sounds like a blast!... xoxo Julie Marie


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