Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bear in a Bag Day!

My cat looked a little bored today, and after I was rummaging through some of our old saved paper bags I thought I'd set her up an obstacle course. She LOVES paper bags. And I love that she does! This is what my living room looks like now (and that's not all of them!)

(With a few cat toys standing by....along with Jesus in the background..)

Whatever keeps her happy! :)


  1. Cute photos. Cats do enjoy paper bags and boxes and anything else that strikes their fancy. They are great, free entertainment to watch.

    Have a nice Sunday.


  2. I love that Jesus is in the background as if on standby! LOL! Love you and the bear!

  3. You are a good Bear Momma. I bet she had a good time, not being at "Summer Camp" for awhile. LOL LYS

  4. She is so cute! I hope you had a lovely weekend!


  5. Sp cute! Our cats like to play in paper bags and boxes too.


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