Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our Valley is Full of Smoke

For years we had what the town would call wildfire "seasons." Dry weather, hot temps and enough lightening strikes to set the state a-flame. August always had a haze to it (but phenomenal sunsets!). I never minded terribly, because it was just our version of a "natural disaster." Some towns had tornadoes, some towns had major earthquakes. I was happy that our issue at least stayed outside of the city. I felt kinda lucky.

The smell of smoke also always signified the start of school. Fall was coming when the town was covered in soot. Became part of the tradition.

The "season" has been pretty tame the last two years which has been a nice, but a few days ago the hillsides east of us were lit up again. The smoke started billowing and we could see its plume from the middle of town. Thankfully no buildings have been damaged and last night's downpour hopefully helped the cause some.

I rode my bike through a blue cloud today that covered the whole valley. Not ideal for asthmatics, but otherwise, to be honest, it just reminds me of Autumn. It's the start of the next season. Escorted in in the flashiest way. The only part that makes me sad this time around is that they're suspecting arson. Seriously?! What's wrong with people? Not cool. Lightening strikes and dry brush is one thing, forest arson is just cruel. And stupid.

So as much as I want the perpetrator caught and the mess cleaned up, I won't complain too much. This is what happens when you live among mountains. When you live near the forests and wild lands. And I wouldn't trade that for anything.

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  1. So true. I have this gut feeling that it was a kid with an extra leftover firecracker. And I can imagine what he feels like. Bad. I am so proud of our firefighters for sure. LYS


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