Wednesday, October 19, 2011

On the Road Again...

(Out the passenger window while I was resting near the highway.
I love this row of red trees!)

Work has me on the highway once more. I've been itchin' for some back roads, fall foliage, and open skies. It's been a crazy week so far, but I've met some amazing people already. A few close calls with deer and drivers on the road, but the golden trees, running horses and night stars make up for it. I even got nibbled on by a piglet today! Ya just never know what you'll find out there. :) Hopefully I'll have some good stories for ya from this field season!

Lots of bright colors out there still. Enjoying all the vibrancy before winter!


  1. Your pics are wondeful! It is the perfect time to driving about our state. Stay safe! LYS

  2. Those red trees are beautiful. We don't get the beauty of Fall around here. Love your cat costumes. Ha! Our Jingles would be running around the house like crazy if we tried to put anything like that on her. Safe travels and best wishes, Tammy


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