Saturday, November 19, 2011

"It's the First Ski Daaaay of the Winter!.."

Is there a better kind of day?! Sister and I realized we both didn't have to work on Friday and piled our gear in the back of her truck. Off we went to Lookout Pass which was the only ski area in the region that was already open. Oh the powder! It was absolute heaven up there!

The snow came down and covered your tracks as soon as you made them. I couldn't believe it! Sister is normally a snowboarder, but after a few runs, she went back to the car to put on her telemark skis. Yep, she is trying something new this year! And she loved it!

Yea! Bend that knee!

I enjoyed my usual AT skis, as I do every season. I just chose to wear my snow suit from Halloween! Turns out it's the warmest most comfortable thing I own! LOL.

Oh hello! It's not the 1980s, you say? Oh! I had no idea...

A few drinks were enjoyed at the bar while the blizzard picked up speed outside. The drive home was a bit intense, and took 2x longer than normal. Yikes! But that's the price you pay for good snow in the mountains. :) Here's to many more ski days!


  1. You guys are so adventuresome! I love it and so glad you had a great time. LYS

  2. Awwww, I haven't been skiing in forever! We used to go every year when I was little, but then I developed a wretched fear of ski lifts. It makes me really nostalgic seeing pictures, though!

  3. OMG...I cannot wait until ski season starts here in Québec, Canada. Lucky you!! Love a good blizzard too! Thanks for dropping by my blog. I signed up, looks like fun around here. Hope you come back and do the same!


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