Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Up to Canada, eh?

Last week found me driving 10 hours to British Columbia with a car full of colleagues. At least we had good scenery! We were rewarded after our long journey with a hot springs resort as the destination. Can't argue with a conference at a spa!

Our three days were full of technical sessions, presentations and networking. Amazing food was served, and wine was poured. Old friends met again and new job positions were explored. All five hot springs pools were generously tested and a manicure in the spa was on the docket.

Our research was well-received and we bid our conference buddies goodbye after a luncheon finale of cheese-cake and coffee. Back on the road through the worst snow storm I've ever seen. Had to stop short on the way back due to weather, and try again the next morning. Finally over all the mountain passes, it made me smile to see my familiar valley ahead.

A good trip indeed, but exhausting just the same. This week I'm definitely taking it easy. (And wishing for more hot springs time!)

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  1. Great photos! Such a lovely place. It is nice to have you back home tho. I missed you. LYS


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