Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Halloween Wreath Make-over!

I've had a boring, white, wreath hanging around for awhile. It's been beat to a pulp and is missing some flowers. What to do? Well, I have a Thanksgiving style wreath for November, but I don't really have anything for Halloween. A-ha! While my sister puttered around Lowe's today, I had her drop me off at Michael's craft store. I found mini gourds on sale along with some nice quality glittery spiders. Perfect! Home I went and warmed up the hot glue gun. (Man, what did we do before hot glue?!) I added the gourds in between the flowers and then the black spiders to the white blooms. Perfect for the season! I think it came out well and took me only a few minutes. Now the wreath has a new lease on life, and my house is one step closer to my favorite holiday. I should probably wait till October to put the rest of my decor up though... :)

Happily gluing!
Done and on the door! (Sorry it's a little dark!)


  1. Very nice! I'm digging your blog! We are lucky chicks, living in the beautiful mountains. I'm excited to see you winter posts, I know it gets crazy up there!

  2. Oh so clever and pretty! I love your Autumn decor. LYS


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