Monday, September 17, 2012

The Dirty Dash!

I used to run 5ks all the time. I loved them. But what I've learned since as I much more enjoy races with obstacles! Last year my sister and I teamed up for Missoula's first annual Mad Mudder. We ran around one of our local mountains, following deer trails and coming up on all sorts of obstacles. Blind jumps, monkey bars, hurdles, crawling through dirt. It was a hell of a work out, but (despite the name) involved very little mud. This year, the same charity that put that one on, teamed up with the Dirty Dash. Much more mud was expected! The Missoula event took place on Saturday and was a BLAST! Climbing straw bales, crawling under netting, running through tires, navigating through half-submerged tubing. The best part though? MUD! So much mud. Huge ponds of it where you had to climb over logs and you slipped and slid and fell into it. My goal through the whole thing was not to get any in my mouth post-jaw surgery! Success! My sister's goal? Not to hurt her injured right hand---which is in a cast. We were quite the pair! Dressed as Loki and Thor from the Avengers, we enjoyed the course on a crisp Montana morning. There were so many people! And all in costume of some sort! Hopefully the Dirty Dash folks will come back next year for another round. I'll def be there!

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  1. You wild women, you! Obviously, you're a couple of young, energetic gals. I envy you the energy and the enthusiasm for mud.

  2. Way to go my ladies! You're my heros. You seek out the best events and never have a dull moment. LYS


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