Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Time to Organize!

Oh my has my life been busy lately! Running around and leaving very little time for maintaining my home. It's time for me to slow down and go tend to my nest! I need to do some major organizing in the next few weeks.

Project 1: Jewelry collection! After all the events and parties of the holiday season, my jewelry collection is tangled into one ball. Necklaces are laced through earrings, rings are lost all together in the jumble. Time to separate them all, and put them back in their places so I can find exactly what I need when the mood strikes!

Project 2: Laundry room! Oh what a disaster this has become! Time to organize all the comforters (thank you Space Bags!) and clothes. It'll feel so good to go into the basement and have this place all cleaned up. Just gotta watch out for the spiders while I straighten!

Project 3: Holiday decor! There's an area of my basement specifically for holding all of my holiday stuff. Well, in the hurry of the last season, the boxes and bags have slowly crept further and further out of their designated area. I now have a Christmas tree mingling with the Easter bunnies, a Halloween ghost sharing space with the Pilgrims...time to organize, stack neatly, and breathe a sigh of relief at how easy it'll be to decorate for the next holiday in February.

Hopefully getting these items done will give me some mental relief! Nothing feels better than getting your ducks in a row. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck E. Charlotte!... I love to organize things... thank you so much for visiting today... I know exactly the cottages you mean in Oregon... we used to travel through there on our way to Ft. Lewis Washington when my daddy was stationed there... I always (and still do) sigh over those little cottages by the sea!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Hi E. Charlotte, I am doing the exact same thing and love organization. It feels so grand to have everything in it's place. Looks like you are enjoying the process. Have fun and a great new year filled with many joys.

    Thank you for stopping by.
    Smiles, Celestina Marie


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