Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Roaring '20s Infatuation

I have long been in love with the 1920s era. Drop waists, short hair, beautiful art deco jewelry and art. The music, the dancing, the debauchery. I was in heaven with the movie Midnight in Paris! This Saturday, at a local mansion, a Gatsby-style gala is being held. My man will look like a gangster, and I his lady love.

An old '20s make-up ad
 There will be live music, gambling, dancing, and spirits! Period-clothing is required, 
so I am scrounging up my best flapper outfit as we speak. I can't wait!
I love those hair waves!
 What a wonderful night it will be, to pretend it's almost a 100 years ago, 
living it up. I can't wait to take part!

Art Deco is one of my favorite styles

The clothing looked chic AND comfortable!

I'll never get over the jewelry! I love the geometric shapes

I even have a tulip style hat to wear!

It makes me happy to see these old styles still pop up on runways :)

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  1. Have you found the clothes to use yet? I can't wait to see pics of your outfit. :) Have a great time! LYS!


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