Monday, February 25, 2013

Four Steps to Recovering Surgery

Ha, you'd think I didn't 'kick the flu' judging by my absence in blog land! I'll have to fill you in on my lovely Valentine's day, but right now I'm focusing on fully recovering from my latest surgery. My sweet mom posted about it the other day, and got some very lovely comments back wishing me well. Thanks! If you find yourself in the same situation ever--where they have to remove large screws from your jaw bone--here's the best recipe I've found for getting over it and getting on with life:

Step 1: Lots of fluffy TV. This means a Say Yes to the Dress Marathon. Nothing can put a crooked smile on a half-numb girl like Randy at Kleinfelds talking of satin, chiffon, silks and sashes. Swoon!

Step 2: Magazines in bed. Magazines are like candy to me. I could buy them all. I was treated to a new Real Simple magazine the other day and spent a lazy afternoon, cuddled under blankets, flipping through it. Nice and relaxing. And that glossy cover absorbs much less accidental drool than, say, a newspaper.

Step 3: Cake. Yep, if there's one thing I crave in my Perocet-laden haze, amidst tooth pain and stiff jaw, it's cake. White cake. Plain frosting. Easy to eat and soothing to the soul.

Step 4: The most important step. Have your Mom near by. She is the BEST nurse I've ever known. She picked me up from the doc's and drove me home to the Mommy hospital. I slept in the guest room with vomit-bin nearby, pain meds on the night stand, and stuffed animal cow to cuddle. She supplied me with lots of liquid foods and DVR'd all those wedding shows I mentioned above. And watched them with me. She cleaned my wounds, and cleared my mind. She makes this so much easier. 


  1. You are so positive you almost make it sound fun ;) Sounds like you have everything you needed! You are a good sport with a great nurse! A very good combination! Feel better soon!

  2. Always, my pleasure to help you out when you need it. You are the best patient! And I love the time we get to hang out together. LYS, Mom


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