Saturday, January 30, 2010

Guilty Pleasure Night!

I am comfortably settled on the sofa, eating a burrito, watching Miss America 2010 and baking lemon, poppy-seed muffins. Mmmm! Yesterday was a mess of hormones and mood swings (I'm gonna blame that ol' Wolf Moon that was out), but today has been better. I was able to sleep in soundly and then visit a dear old friend. Reunited with my man for a delicious lunch (darn! I just remembered my left-overs are in in his fridge! Woops!)and then we enjoyed a movie and some down time. He's out playing law enforcement now, so I'm here trying not to worry. He sure seems to enjoy his nights out on patrol, but it definitely gives me a few grey hairs each time! I hope he has fun out there and I look forward to hearing any stories tomorrow. He sure tolerates a lot with me! An example being my roller-coaster ride yesterday. He let me talk out all the stuff that was jumbled up in my head, and always gives good advice. I feel a bit saner when I'm done talking to him. :) I am sure lucky to have him in my life, and feel so loved. He is quite the guy! And if he's lucky I'll give him one of these muffins when I see him next! Speaking of which, gotta go check on 'em!.........*hold music*.........They're done! And smell lovely! I have a lemon glaze to drizzle on them when they cool! Can't wait to enjoy one. Alright, back to Miss America I go. (Did I just hear someone sing Whitney Houston? I'm sorry, unless you're Whitney, you can't sing her music! Tsk tsk....)

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  1. OMG!! I can't believe it! Dad and I were watching the Miss America show and I said the exact thing, "you are never supposed to sing Whitney, Barbra or Mariah!".....LOL Yikes! I liked the girl who won, she looks like a young Oprah. And she spoke so intelligently. Never got to see Miss Montana. :( Sorry you had a bad day. Wish I could have had lunch with ya and helped you talk it out. Hope you have a great day skiing with your sis. LYS.


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